Why Your Fraternity Experience is Worth One Million Dollars

I caught up with a fraternity brother last weekend. We were reliving the glory days and were discussing how successful our friends (both fraternity brothers. and independents) in college became. And a strange realization happened.

We noticed how it wasn’t our friends with the highest GPA’s that were the most successful. We had always assumed that would be the case. Truth is that seemed to have very little bearing on who became successful.
We then realized that the guys who became the most successful were the guys with strong leadership and social skills. The stronger those skills were, the more successful the person became, regardless of GPA.

Then we did the math. These guys made at least $30,000 more than the guys without those skills. Assuming that your working career is 35 years, that is over a million bucks.
We then discussed how valuable the education we received in the fraternity house was to our future careers.
The fact is that a fraternity is the best place on a college campus where you can learn leadership and social skills. No where else will you have such responsibility with such little oversight. No where else will you have to work with a bunch of stubborn guys to achieve a common goal. If you can be successful in this environment, then you can be successful in the corporate world.

Remember this during recruitment. Explain to your recruits that the fraternity will teach them skills they can’t learn in the classroom. Let them know they are making an investment in the future. Then step back, and feel comfortable that you have made that investment in yours.

Guest Author: Pat Daley.
Pat Daley was a two year chapter president and was his university’s IFC president. He also was recognized as his university, chapter and national fraternity man of the year. He is the author of thefraternityadvisor.com., a website dedicated to fraternity leadership.


Fraternity Alumni Event Made Easy … Made Awesome

Fraternity Alumni bring a lot to the table. They are battle-hardened from their days in the fraternity. They have the benefit of perspective to see how the fraternity set them up for future success. And, of course, they remember the friendships that were forged in fraternal brotherhood.

The Fraternity Advisor

The Fraternity Advisor

It is natural to want to get them back for an alumni event, but it has to be done right or the event will be a flop.

First off, think about what type of event the alumni will want to have. Guys in their 30s and 40s aren’t always jazzed up to hang out at the house. Your best option is to do something like attend the school’s homecoming football game. That will be a big enough draw on it’s own, and it a natural time to reconnect with the alumni.

Of course, once you determine what you want to do, you must schedule it far in advance. Weekends book up fast when kids have ballgames and wives plan dinner dates. The more advance notice you can give the alumni the better.

Assuming you have selected the event, and have given enough time to plan, your next step is to get the alumni excited about the event. To do that, you best bet is to contact your alumni that are active in the fraternity and get them to help you push the event.

Also, send multiple emails updating the alumni of who is planning on attending. If an alum sees that several of the brothers he is close to are going to attend; that could be the little push he needs to attend himself.

Next, and most importantly, be respectful around the alumni and especially their family. If the alumni brother brings his wife and his kids by to have a hot dog at the tailgate, he doesn’t want them to hear a barrage of swear words that would make a marine blush. He probably doesn’t want his five-year-old seeing brothers do keg stands or hitting the beer bong either. Remember to be respectful of the alumni brother’s families.

Assuming you taken care of all that, sit back and enjoy the experience. Ask the old guys questions about the good old days, and listen. It is an awesome experience to learn about the men who came before you. You don’t get many opportunities to hear those stories, so take advantage of it.

Finally, be sure to thank the alumni for attending both in person, and by letter. If they have taken the time to come to your event, they are truly dedicated to the fraternity. The very least the chapter can do it acknowledge their dedication with a simple thank you note.

Guest Author
Pat Daley. – Pat Daley was a two year chapter president and was his university’s IFC president. He also was recognized as his university, chapter and national fraternity man of the year. He is the author of thefraternityadvisor.com, a website dedicated to fraternity leadership. He attended North Carolina State University

2011 brings us a new start, and new website launch!

Before DaVinci was a code, he was a baby nerd!

Great! We just launched the new site dedicated to the Baby Nerd in all of us…www.babynerds.com is a baby boutique selling unique clothes celebrating the nerdom in what we do everyday. www.babynerds.com offers proucts such as onesies, t-shirts and more. Check us out at http://www.babynerds.com

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A Law That Should Exist

New Law takes affect immediately – Snow Day Regulation

Snow Day…!!!

Well, President Surovick sounds awfully … presidential! If I could enact one new law, it would have to be that when there are 6 or more inches of snow on the ground, all businesses are closed by the state. And, once the announcement of all businesses are closed goes out, everyone must then head to the nearest coffee shop, movies, favorite breakfast spot, or whatever it is you enjoy doing most in the mornings. Life is too short to not take snow days, and this winter is an opportunity to begin adhering to this new law. Today is a snow day, President Surovick just declared, so grab your kids, your dogs, or go by yourself, and go see that matinee you've been waiting on seeing.

Law passed by unanimous votes!

Thank you.

President Surovick

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New Beer Technology To Debut At Flyers Game (via CBS Philly)

Flyers fans all over the nation are celebrating today! Cannot wait to try this out!

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Tired of long beer lines at the game? Well a new tap technology will make its Philadelphia debut at the Flyers game Tuesday night. It’s called the “Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System,” and it can pour beers nine times faster than a typical draft system. Comcast Spectacor spokesman Ike Richman says, “It’s a perfect pour every time, it pours in less than two seconds and you can do multiple cups at multiple times.” Now you … Read More

via CBS Philly

Spring Break Ideas College Students Will Love; Parents Will Like the Bill

College Camping Trips are fun!

Spring Break Alternate Ideas - Camping

It’s winter in most places in the U.S. and college students everywhere are staying up late, hanging in the hallways of dorms across the country, trying to figure out if they can afford to go on Spring Break! Now it is time to decide what you actually want to do during your spring break and if your parents can afford to send you.
Here are several spring break vacation ideas that are both fun college students and budget-friendly for parents paying for these rights of passage.

Tips for a fun College Spring Break
1.)Camping or Backpacking trip. Ahh Mother Nature at it’s finest. Gather up the hippie wannabes and get your propane tanks ready. Camping is a very inexpensive spring break idea, especially if you already have or can borrow the equipment.

2.)Cabin Rentals. If camping isn’t your thing, rent a cabin instead. Stay out of the cold and warm up by the fire…can be a fun cozy thing to do especially if the crowd you are with are not the nature types.

3.)Go on a road trip. Map out a route across the country with several sight seeing spots. Be a tourist and have fun with it.Go see some of those wacky one-of-a-kind exhibits. Also you can go see sports stadiums in your college’s conference, or buy a book with strange or scary locations that are infamous.

4.)Go to the beach. A spring break vacation on the beach can be very inexpensive if you are smart. Instead of spending your money on expensive tourist attractions, you can hang out at the beach for free. Florida, Texas and San Diego have nice beaches to hang out on.

5.)Head to the nearest large city if you live in a rural area. Go to a few clubs, and bars in a new city.

6.)Go to the mountains if you live in the city. The change of pace can be a refreshing break from your college studies.

Spots like Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Bahamas are well known as hot college spring break destinations but come with a premium price tag. You can save money on just about every aspect of your trip by visiting a less popular location for spring break.

Have a great time and Relax on Your College Spring Break
The most important part of any spring break trip is to have fun. Take a break from your hectic college student life and enjoy this time with your friends. By planning a trip that is within your budget, you can relax knowing that your parents will not be up at night thinking about new ways to pay off your ridiculously expensive trips.

Top 10 Most Bizarre College Mascots – WARNING: Parents of Potential College Students with Weak Stomachs Should Not Read On

Sammy the Banana Slug? Hoya Saxa? Geoduck?

 You don’t have to look far behind the sideline of a college football game or running through the concourse of a college basketball game to see the team’s college mascot showing support and rallying the fans.
But, what happens when you look for the college mascot and you have to do a double take just to gather yourself and make sure you only ate the portabella mushrooms and not the old, weird looking ones in the open plastic bag.

The following college mascots will not only make you question your strange eating habits, but also make you dive deeper into your own psyche as far as why you chose that school. After all, the mascot is a reflection of the students’ right?


University of California Santa Cruz


No. 10 University of California Santa Cruz

Ah, the land of fruits and nuts. UCSC Will never be accused of being a sports college. So, students needed something to occupy their time. With the unofficial adoption of the humorous, phlegmatic slug, the lack of the school’s athletic prowess has become just that…humorous. At one point, college officials tried to switch the mascot to a sea lion, but the protest from students was so great that the slimy yellow slug was reinstated…what next a baby seal?

What Rocks

No. 9 Georgetown Hoya Saxa

umm (clearing my throat) I mean the bulldog….no pretty sure it’s G-town Hoya Saxa. What the hell is Hoya Saxa? According to Wikipedia, Hoya Saxa is the official cheer and “college yell” of Georgetown University and its athletics teams. Hoya is an Ancient Greek word usually transliterated from οἵα as hoia from the word hoios (οἷος) meaning “such” or “what” as in “what manner of”, and is used in certain Biblical quotations.[1] Saxa however, is Latin for “rocks” or “small stones”. So, next B-ball game you attend when G-town is playing Cuse’ you can yell, “GO WHAT ROCKS!”

Go Okra

No. 8 The Fighting Okra.

Okra is a Southern staple on the dinner table—and the ferocious Fighting Okra is a staple at Mississippi’s Delta State University. Although the school’s athletic department has chosen the more appropriate Statesmen and Lady Statesmen as monikers for its teams, the Fighting Okra has long served as an unofficial mascot and student favorite. Kind of reminds me of the crazy scene in “Tinker Bell” the movie when she disrupts the weeds and they come roaring down the hill to take out the entire town of tinker fairies…I’ve been waiting too much T.V. with my daughter.


No.7 Scottsdale Community College’s Fighting Artichoke.

Artichoke? Controversial? If you flashback to an era of dissent that occurred a few decades ago then yes, it was. When the college’s administration went against the wishes of a good portion of the student body and pumped millions of dollars into its growing athletic program, the student government revolted. So when asked by the administration to select a mascot, the student government proposed three options: an artichoke, a rutabaga or a scoundrel. The artichoke won. It could have been worse – the fifth choice name was the Granite Reefers.

tree huggers

No. 6 Stamford University

While the administration is quick to point out that Stanford does not have an official mascot; the Tree – which is a member of the Stanford Band – has become its unofficial representative. The Tree is actually a Redwood tree, which is common in and around the city of Palo Alto, in which Stanford is located. I am sure that after the movie Back II the Future popularized the phrase “Make like a tree and beat it” students must have loved hearing that about a billion times!


No. 5 St. Louis University The Billiken

Looks a bit like a mix between a French Bulldog and Yoda, with giant pointed ears, but apparently, the odd-looking creature bears a striking resemblance to one of SLU’s early coaches. Billikens were all the rage for a six-month period in the early 1900s, and are intended to be used as good luck charms. For a sports team, why not?

Horned or Horny?

No. 4 TCU Horned Frogs

Cue the jokes now…9 thousand coed students living in close quarters with a mascot that has the word “horn” in the title…yeah, you get my drift. But actually it’s believed to have ancient powers; the horned frog – the state reptile of Texas, in fact – is the official mascot of Texas Christian University. In truth, it’s not a frog at all, and it doesn’t really have horns. He also used to be known as Addy the All-American Frog, but perhaps because that wasn’t ferocious enough, he was renamed Super Fog in 1979.

Big Red

No. 3 WKU Big Red

Apparently, someone really pissed off Grimace from McDonald’s and stole the idea, but came up with the brilliant idea to color him red instead of purple. Not sure if anyone really knows where big red grimace came from. But he or she is furry, energetic and smells like French fries…who doesn’t love French fries?

Gooey Duck?

No. 2 Evergreen State College Geoduck. Is not geographical nor a Duck…discuss.

What comes to mind when you see this magnificent green thing conjures up images of pickles that no longer have that crispy crunch. Speedy the Geoduck (pronounced “Gooey Duck”), more commonly known as a clam. Why the school chose a phallic mollusk to represent its sports teams, no one seems to know. Although the school’s fight song gives some hints: “Go, Geoducks go; through the mud and the sand, let’s go. Siphon high, squirt it out, swivel all about, let it all hang out. Go, Geoducks go. Stretch your necks when the tide is low. Siphon high, squirt it out, swivel all about, let it all hang out.” Well if you ask me, the Gooey-duck is already letting it all hang out, and should be kept under warps!


No. 1 Grays Harbor College Charlie the Choker

Certainly tops my list! Not only the most menacing mascot, but also the most misunderstood of all college mascots. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a minor character from the movie Deliverance nor is he handing out candy to children. He is a logger. A choker-setter is a pivotal role in logging operations and is the strong, courageous individual who places a cable with large clamps around a log to remove it from the forest. The explanation doesn’t diminish his cru cut style hair and that smile…Good luck sleeping tonight!

Top 10 Things Guys Will Do Once the NFL Lockout Begins

With the NFL season winding down, I cannot help but notice the 500lb elephant in the room…What the HELL are GUYS going to do if the NFL lockout actually happens!?

The real question here is not what the owners’ hope to accomplish in the long term by ditching the 2011 season, or even what will the players do and how will this affect them … no no, my friend, the real question is what are WE going to do with all this extra time on our hands?

We all know that men are inherently more creative when we are bored…that is why I am slightly excited, and scared at the same time. Here is what I see happening, and this is based off of scientific research and logic…or something close to it.

Football player tackles soccer player

#10. Soccer will will take the brunt of the situation.


#9. Manscaping will become an Olympic sport.


men and their cocktails

#8. New cocktails will be developed using ingredients like tequila and hot sauce.


dance baby dance

#7. Dance recitals will open their parking lots to allow for tailgating before and after the show.


wife beaters

#6. Sales in “wife-beaters” will sky rocket, and turn into Sunday’s best.


grumpy old men

#5. Bed Bath and Beyond will have to add couches to their lobbies



#4. Streaking will commence during the week, before and after work.


it's wrestling

#3. Bookies will start taking bets on WWE wrestling


tried to join a gym

#2. Join multiple gyms to um...get in shape...


carboard tube fighting

#1. Sports will be invented like “Cardboard Tube Fighting”

10 Ways to NOT make your Facebook page like your annoying friend who talks too much and you can’t get a word in …

Most businesses use Facebook only to post links, after links, after links … but they are missing the mark. Facebook should be treated as a conversation rather than an annoying friend who talks so much that you can’t get a word in! (You know you have one of those.)

Here are my top 10 ways to create a beneficial FB page, and more importantly, turn your business page into something that customers, clients or friends will not only appreciate, but return time after time.

Manage a Community Page

Facebook Community Pages enable you to create a public business persona that is unique from your own personal profile. This is important to set up as a business rather than a personal journal. (No one cares that you went to spin class for 20 minutes straight and sweated through your 80’s style jumpsuit.) This page will allow you to focus on the issue at hand, which is whatever it is your company or expertise is. Also, it will provide a hub for a community to create around your brand.

Link and comment

Don’t be self-absorbed once your page is live! Begin posting links to stories you believe will interest your fan base. (Not for your self indulgence). The biggest difference between Twitter and Facebook in this regard is that with FB, you have an opportunity to create a dialogue as opposed to one-way annoying alerts (much like your friend mentioned above).
Adding your own comments to a post helps create a comfort level that is much harder to create on twitter.
The value-added affect this creates will encourage dialogue and interaction as customers/clients/friends will be more prone to add their own thoughts. (This is the new definition of a conversation as defined by anyone under the age of 15 who pounds away at their computer in their basements who haven’t spoken to a human in over 3 days).

Integrate your blog

Use your new FB community page daily, but do not neglect your blog or website. This is still where you get to really show off and let the prospects see even deeper into your advice, insights, storefront, etc…

Encourage discussion

Now that you have created a more interactive environment and have more than a few handfuls of interested friends and prospects, utilize the ‘Discussion’ tab. By creating threads relevant to your business through thoughtful questions, interactivity will be encouraged and you will create an even deeper through-provoking forum for retention of clients.

A Picture is worth a couple thousand words

Just because your fan page represents a business doesn’t mean it should be completely anonymous to clients.
Prospects you are trying to get to become friends want to know who they’re dealing with … the reason why blind dates are so unsuccessful. (Cause you end up meeting that guy who talks too much and only about themselves!) Use images sparingly though do not be afraid to include a few pics of you, the family, your office location etc…can have a strong affect for local identity as well.

Free, Sex, and Puppies still rock!

What may seem insignificant, actually can take a lead or promotion pretty far. FREE is still good. Offers such as free giveaway, free download, free coupon voucher, etc are still very powerful. These will cost you a little , but could be extremely valuable to your prospects.


If you don’t know how to do this, then you need to read a different blog than mine…run a contest for captions of pictures, naming a new product, come up with a cool slogan etc… The best caption could be rewarded with a prize.

Event Promotion

Utilize the events tab on Facebook. Guess that means you need to be a part of an event right? … Wrong…You can partner with other businesses, cross promote them, and share info here that would benefit your prospects. Also, it opens up a network for YOU to be apart of something bigger than just your own focus. Also, if you are participating at an event, you can use this section to promote it.

An Apple a day … or something like that

What do you do everyday? Actually, save that info for later. I will tell you that you probably e-mail at least 20 x’s a day.
Include a link to your Facebook fan page not only in your email signature but anywhere that you leave a note, business card, letter head, a coconut (Gilligan’s Island reference here), or whatever else you use for communication. Do it for all marketing materials.

Do not wash your hands (DO NOT TAKE THAT LITERALLY)

Just like any form of online marketing, it takes a lot of hard work. Making a successful fan page, website, blog, or anything online takes commitment and sustained effort. Do not get discouraged when the fans do not show up in week 1 or week 20…this stuff takes time, and it truly defines what you put into it, you will get out of it.

In Summary, facebook, twitter, and any other social media aspect that you want to use to benefit your business is not an overnight project that you clean your hands of once it is live. Like your morning coffee, this is something that will have to become routine for you, for the long haul. (Minus the jittery side affects your double mocha bocha largo coffee has on you)

–Chris Surovick
Owner Collegiate Living
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/collegiateliving

Winter Blues — FREE Gift Giveaway!

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