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Top 10 Most Bizarre College Mascots – WARNING: Parents of Potential College Students with Weak Stomachs Should Not Read On

Sammy the Banana Slug? Hoya Saxa? Geoduck?  You don’t have to look far behind the sideline of a college football game or running through the concourse of a college basketball game to see the team’s college mascot showing support and rallying the fans. But, what happens when you look for the college mascot and you […]

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NCAA Basketball: Top 10 NCAA Championship Games Of All Time

Who can really say what those 10 are? How do you determine the best? Are they the most dramatic? The most historically significant? Those packed with the biggest stars?

It all depends on your criteria. Top 10 lists are as subjective as figure-skating scores. Anyway, taking into account all the above categories, here’s one man’s point of view:

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