UT Austin Merchandise

College Merchandise is Synonymous with the University of Texas Longhorns

For 6 straight years, the University of Texas Longhorns has been the top selling college/university for college merchandise. Is it because of the quantity of the fandom or is it something deeper than that?
According the Collegiate Licensing Company, the University of Texas Longhorns is the #1 selling college for all merchandise. I couldn’t help but ask the question…why? Is it because their students are the most rabid fans? Or is it because their alumni are the largest? Or is it simply they have more pride then their cross state rivals in the Big 12 Conference.

When looking at the overall enrollment, you will see UT Austin is in the top 5, however, of the top five in quantity, none are ranked as high as UT Austin for merchandise sales.

Rank By Enrollment College/University Enrollment Rank By Merchandise Sales
1 Arizona State University (ASU, ASU Tempe) 68,064
2 Ohio State University (OSU) 55,014
3 University of Central Florida (UCF) 53,401
4 University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (U of M) 51,659
5 The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) 50,995 #1
6 University of Florida (UF) 50,691 #2
7 Texas A&M University (Texas A&M, TAMU) 48,702
8 Michigan State University (MSU, Spartans, State) 47,071
9 Ashford University (AU) 46,835
10 University of Washington – Seattle Campus (UW-Seattle, UDub, UW) 45,943
11 Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) 45,185 #10
12 University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign (UIUC) 43,881
13 New York University (NYU) 43,404
14 Indiana University – Bloomington (IU, IUB, IU Bloomington) 42,347
15 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (U-M, U of M) 41,674 #3
16 University of Wisconsin – Madison (UW) 41,654
17 Purdue University (Purdue-West Lafayette) 41,052

The CLC announced its list for institutions as well as manufacturers on Wednesday based on the royalties the schools earned from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 on all merchandise sold on behalf of CLC-represented institutions.

The University of Alabama was second followed by Florida, Auburn, and Michigan to round out the top five. Auburn made the largest leap, going from No. 15 last season to No. 4 this season, thanks to the team’s BCS national championship.
Here are the top 25 colleges in overall merchandise sales:
1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Florida
4. Auburn
5. Michigan
6. Georgia
7. Kentucky
8. North Carolina
9. LSU
10. Penn State
11. Notre Dame
12. Oklahoma
13. Nebraska
14. Tennessee
15. Wisconsin
16. West Virginia
17. Arkansas
18. Missouri
19. Texas A&M
20. Kansas
21. South Carolina
22. Florida State
23. Illinois
24. Clemson
25. Texas Tech

According to the list above, size really doesn’t matter. So then what is it that matters?

College pride is not something that is leanred. It is engrained in generations of families, who watch their sports teams, huddle around the T.V. to catch the game with family and friends, and buy their schools colors to show their pride. It is passed down from generation to generation, and is something that brings people together year after year.

Share your college pride stories with Collegiate Living and let’s all congratulate UT Austin for their pride in all things “Longhorns”.

The CLC is the oldest and largest collegiate trademark licensing agency in the U.S. and represents nearly 200 colleges , universities, bowl games, athletic conferences, the NCAA , and the Heisman Trophy.


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