parents buying gifts for the college graduates

The Average College Graduation Gift Amount from Parents

College graduation is right around the corner, and inevitably the question comes up each year, what is the average college graduation gift amount that parents spend?

I think first we better understand what is average? Your son who went to Georgetown University might have a different concept of what average is, compared to the community college graduate.

Most parents feel like they have overpaid for their son or daughters college education in the first place. So the idea of gift giving is not exactly on the top of their list of how else to spend more money.

Regardless of how much you already spent, this is a time to celebrate your Childs accomplishments. A gift is still VERY appropriate but how much you spend should not be a reflection of their Ivy League upbringing or their community college education.

Graduation gifts do not need to be expensive, and they do not need to be the last gift they ever receive in their lifetime…we all know it won’t be. In fact, one of my favorite things to listen to people about after a wedding is how much fun they had, or how drunk Bobby got on the dance floor. But, no one cares about the food, yet more and more people spend so much time, effort and money worrying about it before hand. Well, the same applies here. While the gift is important, it should not be the focal point of this joyous event. In fact, quite the contrary…the gift should reflect who the graduate has become, and what their college experience meant to them.

Consider a gift for your child, by answering these questions. What degree did they receive? Will they be relocating to a new city? Are they moving into a new apartment?

Relocating Grad – whether it’s good news or bad news, your son or daughter may be moving away after their 4 glorious years already away. If they are offered a job in a different city, they will need lamps and lighting to brighten their way. And, there is no better way to keep their college traditions alive then a college tiffany lamp, or college neon lamp.

Fun Gifts – It doesn’t always have to be serious, as we know your son or daughter had a few not-so-serious moments along the way…after all, we all have a sense of humor right? A great idea for college graduates is a fun College bean bag toss game, or a college dart board for their new game room. This will also, help them get set up in new apartment and lets them begin to own their own home décor.

Jewelry – No matter the sex of your child, necklaces or bracelets are a great idea!

Dark Cherry Wood Diploma Frames – Ah, justification for higher education.
There truly is no better way to admire your son or daughters achievements by showing them how much the diploma means to YOU! Frame their diploma and hang it up on your wall at home (if they are moving back in) or let them hang it with pride in their new home away from home. They will thank you for this one…I Promise!

Every parent needs to think wisely when gift giving to their college grad so utilize some of the ideas here or make a good gift decision based on your child’s wants and needs.


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