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Nostalgic College-Preppy Clothes are Back…Sort Of

Looking around college campuses today, you will not be hard pressed to find sweat pants with quotes written on the ass like “juicy” tucked into a worn pair of Uggs, while the guys rock the jeans that haven’t been washed for two weeks straight.

Knowing that dress standards on U.S. campuses aren’t what they used to be, it is mostly wishful thinking that older college styles may make a comeback. However, According to the Wall Street Journal, “jock-inspired styles cribbed from the golden age of collegiate athletics will win big this spring.”

We’ve all seen the “Social Network” and we were all inspired to launch our own web business that falls short of just under 100 billion dollars net value when Google purchases it. But, what we also saw was a montage of poorly dressed college student’s at the most prestigious Ivy Leave Harvard University.

Most college students today are dressing like they’re teenage girls hanging out in the mall scouring the place for guys who picked their clothes off the floor that morning.

According to Christian Chensvold, founder of the fashion website Ivy Style, most of today’s elite college students are “taking their style cues from the bottom of society, not the top.”

Aside from dressing like Fonszi and Richie from “Happy Days”, no one is suggesting that those styles get pulled back into the throws of modern day college campuses.
But, there is something to say about having some respect for yourself and allowing guys and girls to pay a little more attention to how they show themselves to the world, even if it is in a college cafeteria.

College a huge factor in this new movement happening by style and fashion companies. There is a current trend to go back to bascis and add some old school college style into the current fashion trends of today. Just take a look at Vineyard Vines, Tommy Hilfiger, and J-Crew. All of these companies are focusing more on the “Preppy” look, with a little less “Preppy”.

You don’t have to row for Princeton or play squash at Yale to dress like you do. But, what you do have to do is still get the style right. If you over do it, you will look like you trying to bring back the 50’s style of Richie Cunningham. If you fall short, you will continue down the path of Kurt Cobain meets legally blonde in some hodge-podge fashion faux-paux.

So, pick your clothes up off the floor. Get them cleaned and pressed. Go online and find a few new styles you like, and upgrade your current wardobe.

Give it the ‘Ol College Try! Afterall, College Girls dig the letter jacket!


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2 Responses to “Nostalgic College-Preppy Clothes are Back…Sort Of”

  1. What do you guys think? College preppy or jeans and flannel?

  2. I’ve always been a fan of the khakis with the kelly green izod. That’s preppy circa ’83.

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