The Fraternity Advisor

The Fraternity Leader Series

If you are reading this, it is pretty safe to assume a few things:

Your very best friends in this world are your fraternity brothers.

You will spend countless hours over your college career with them at the fraternity house and at fraternity functions.

You will spend thousands of dollars in dues as an undergraduate brother.

The fraternity is the center of your college experience, and is something you take great pride in.

Your fraternity, while probably pretty awesome, hasn’t reached it’s true potential due to a multitude of factors and this frustrates you.

In short, you have already made a large investment in making your fraternity good, and you are probably a reason why your fraternity has reached it’s current level of success. You also realize though that there is something missing which would turn your good chapter into a great one, but you don’t exactly know what that is…

That is where I can help. I was a two year fraternity president, as well as the IFC president. I was my chapter, university and national fraternity man of the year. But most importantly, I have taken the time to share my secrets of success in a 123 page ebook about everything fraternity (particularly leadership).

This ebook will make you better leader. It will give you the tools you need to make your chapter great. It will help you become the type of brother that the chapter talks about for years after you have graduated, because your contributions will have been that significant. And best of all, the leadership lessons are universal, and they will propel you to success after you graduate.

You can get all of this for only $24.95!

Remember that you are going to spend thousands of dollars as a brother in your fraternity over the years. Doesn’t it make sense to spend an extra $24.95 to make sure you are getting the most out of your fraternity experience?

If you are willing to make the commitment to invest in yourself and your fraternity, continue reading to see what you will receive…
Chapter 1 – The Five Secrets to Fraternity Leadership – This report is a discussion on the five principles of fraternity leadership which will include personal examples of how they made me a great fraternity leader.

Chapter 2 – How to Win Your Fraternity Election – There are many great fraternity leaders out there that want the opportunity to lead, but they can’t get elected. Many talents have been wasted because of this tragedy. This report will make sure you get elected.

Chapter 3 – How to Make Fraternity Finances a Chapter Strength – Finally, I will break the code on how to make finance a strength of a fraternity.

Chapter 4 – How to Fundraise $40,000 for Your Fraternity – This report has 18 fundraising ideas that have the potential to earn well over $40,000. Each idea includes a description on how to set up the event and how much commitment is required to make it a success. This report alone will provide an amazing return on your investment in this ebook.

Chapter 5 – The Right Way to Run a New Member Program– New member programs are why fraternities are dying. Most programs only challenge the new member’s ability to memorize trivial information. They don’t teach the new members the skills needed to become productive brothers. Unfortunately, most programs are about as much fun as cleaning a bathroom in the fraternity house. THIS new member program will detail 11 tasks the new members need to accomplish to become brothers. It will teach the pledges what they need to know, and will be a heck of a lot of fun for the pledges and the brothers. Best of all, it will make outsiders want to become new members in your fraternity, instead of dreading the thought.

Chapter 6 – How to Create an Epic Social Program – A detailed, how-to description of successful parties, mixers, semi-formals, formals, philanthropies (yes, these should be social events) and brotherhood events. This program will make your fraternity the social epicenter of your university.

Chapter 7 – How to Become Popular with Sororities – This remains one of the great mysteries in the fraternity world. I will unlock the secrets which will enable your fraternity forge solid partnerships with the sororities on your campus. Included are 20 rules that every fraternity gentleman should know.

Chapter 8 – Fraternity Recruitment Made Easy– Fraternity recruitment is a drag – unless you know what you are doing. This rush period will teach you how to strategically recruit new members and avoid wasting precious time, energy and money. This chapter will detail both the official and unofficial events necessary to land a huge pledge class.

Chapter 9 – How to Use Your Chapter Website to Supercharge Recruitment – There is a percentage of the student population that knows they will join a fraternity. We call them the ‘always joiners’. Their only question is which fraternity should they join. Use this simple strategy to find out who they are, and how to get them to join your chapter.

Free Bonus – Preview on my ebook – 50 Tips to Get a Job and Be Successful at It – This report is the first three tips in an ebook that I will publish sometime in the Spring of 2011

Guest Author: Pat Daley.
Pat Daley was a two year chapter president and was his university’s IFC president. He also was recognized as his university, chapter and national fraternity man of the year. He is the author of, a website dedicated to fraternity leadership.


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