Spring Break Ideas College Students Will Love; Parents Will Like the Bill

College Camping Trips are fun!

Spring Break Alternate Ideas - Camping

It’s winter in most places in the U.S. and college students everywhere are staying up late, hanging in the hallways of dorms across the country, trying to figure out if they can afford to go on Spring Break! Now it is time to decide what you actually want to do during your spring break and if your parents can afford to send you.
Here are several spring break vacation ideas that are both fun college students and budget-friendly for parents paying for these rights of passage.

Tips for a fun College Spring Break
1.)Camping or Backpacking trip. Ahh Mother Nature at it’s finest. Gather up the hippie wannabes and get your propane tanks ready. Camping is a very inexpensive spring break idea, especially if you already have or can borrow the equipment.

2.)Cabin Rentals. If camping isn’t your thing, rent a cabin instead. Stay out of the cold and warm up by the fire…can be a fun cozy thing to do especially if the crowd you are with are not the nature types.

3.)Go on a road trip. Map out a route across the country with several sight seeing spots. Be a tourist and have fun with it.Go see some of those wacky one-of-a-kind exhibits. Also you can go see sports stadiums in your college’s conference, or buy a book with strange or scary locations that are infamous.

4.)Go to the beach. A spring break vacation on the beach can be very inexpensive if you are smart. Instead of spending your money on expensive tourist attractions, you can hang out at the beach for free. Florida, Texas and San Diego have nice beaches to hang out on.

5.)Head to the nearest large city if you live in a rural area. Go to a few clubs, and bars in a new city.

6.)Go to the mountains if you live in the city. The change of pace can be a refreshing break from your college studies.

Spots like Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Bahamas are well known as hot college spring break destinations but come with a premium price tag. You can save money on just about every aspect of your trip by visiting a less popular location for spring break.

Have a great time and Relax on Your College Spring Break
The most important part of any spring break trip is to have fun. Take a break from your hectic college student life and enjoy this time with your friends. By planning a trip that is within your budget, you can relax knowing that your parents will not be up at night thinking about new ways to pay off your ridiculously expensive trips.


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  1. CL, when i was in college we didn’t go to Cancun or Daytona. It was camping all the way. We’d find a state forest in some far-flung state and come in with about six cases of Olympia.

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