Top 10 Things Guys Will Do Once the NFL Lockout Begins

With the NFL season winding down, I cannot help but notice the 500lb elephant in the room…What the HELL are GUYS going to do if the NFL lockout actually happens!?

The real question here is not what the owners’ hope to accomplish in the long term by ditching the 2011 season, or even what will the players do and how will this affect them … no no, my friend, the real question is what are WE going to do with all this extra time on our hands?

We all know that men are inherently more creative when we are bored…that is why I am slightly excited, and scared at the same time. Here is what I see happening, and this is based off of scientific research and logic…or something close to it.

Football player tackles soccer player

#10. Soccer will will take the brunt of the situation.


#9. Manscaping will become an Olympic sport.


men and their cocktails

#8. New cocktails will be developed using ingredients like tequila and hot sauce.


dance baby dance

#7. Dance recitals will open their parking lots to allow for tailgating before and after the show.


wife beaters

#6. Sales in “wife-beaters” will sky rocket, and turn into Sunday’s best.


grumpy old men

#5. Bed Bath and Beyond will have to add couches to their lobbies



#4. Streaking will commence during the week, before and after work.


it's wrestling

#3. Bookies will start taking bets on WWE wrestling


tried to join a gym

#2. Join multiple gyms to um...get in shape...


carboard tube fighting

#1. Sports will be invented like “Cardboard Tube Fighting”


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