Baby boomers and Technology…Love their enthusiasm or hate that they are friends with you on Facebook?!

Really you don’t have to answer that question, but the reality is, whether you love that your parents are web savvy or hate the fact that they do indeed comment on your last party pics on facebook, the reality is that the baby boomers make up over 30% of social media usage today.

On top of that, they also provide for some funny conversation around the dinner table at Thanksgiving…here are a few of the quotes I actually heard while sifting through the sweat potato surprise…

“Facebook is all about sex and being an idiot”

“No one really needs to know when I am picking my nose, do they?”

“What happened to going outside and kicking a ball?”

“I don’t have any friends, why do I need Facebook?”

“Who wants to see old friends getting fat and bald, I can see that at my reunion”

and my all-time favorite quote ever…

“I got an email from ‘FUCK Book’, is that the same thing as Facebook?”

So, again, whether you enjoy the ability to skype, FB or tweet to your parents, remember this…regardless of their tech savvy abilities, it will from here out, always make for some good dinner table conversation.

Got more to add? Please share your favorites with us…


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2 Responses to “Baby boomers and Technology…Love their enthusiasm or hate that they are friends with you on Facebook?!”


  2. Boomers are just doing what they’ve always done, just adapting with the technology! Besides, you should be thankful because now your parents won’t worry about what you’re up to. (Or just the opposite?)

    Be thankful for your tech-savvy elders, get them something innovative for Christmas!( Become a Facebook fan for discounts)

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