An Ode to Christmas Break: The People You’ll See

As we leave another Christmas season, we can reflect back on the times spent with friends and family…and the bar scene. As we all know, the Holidays bring all the rats out of the woodwork. Below is a list I’ve compiled that represents the high school faces you probably saw…(or didn’t want to see)

1.) Popular Girl Who Still Thinks She’s….um Popular
2.) “Most Likely to Succeed” Turned “Biggest Loser
3.) “The Swan” or The Late Bloomer
4.) The wussy kid turned Military
5.) Super Geek Turned Millionaire
6.) Jock Turned Super Cop
7.) Hot Girl Who’s Really Not Hot Anymore (Too much Tanning Salon?!)\
8.) Kid You Thought Was Gay…and now is
9.) The tool That’s Still a Tool
10.) Guy with some fake accent, when you know he grew up in Jersey!

Come on…who did you see this past break…was it the long haired guy that is now bald? The fat girl now a super model? Share with us your bar scene…scene!


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Small Business owner of SEO and SEM marketing guy always looking to learn and share internet marketing tips and strategies. Love all things home decor, design and renovation.

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