When did the NFL REALLY become the “No Fun League”?

Within the past two weeks, two well planned out touchdown celebrations have taken place. The first of which was Chad Ochocinco, of the Cincinnati Bengals, which we have come to expect. For an official replay by the refs, OchoCinco, planned out, and waited for cameras to be on him before attempting to hand the referee a one dollar bill as to affect the outcome of the refs decision. Well, looks like he is going to need about 19,999 more as he was just fined by the Commish a cool 20k.

Brent Celek, of the Philadelphia Eagles, also had a well thought out plan to celebrate his touchdown as well. Accept this celebration not only took some planning, but probably also took some money as encouragement from the liquor company captain morgan.

We’ve never seen this type of TD celebration to date. As a guerilla style marketing effort, the campaign was going to donate money to Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund every time an NFL player pulled off the pose. However, they forgot one small minor detail…like running it by the commissioner of the NFL for approval.

So the question is still at hand…when did the NFL become No Fun? Well, you will have to answer that for yourselves, because the last time I checked, this is a sport, gruesome as it is, that I happen to LOVE. I go to games to be entertained and on a smaller scale then others, do look forward to seeing a small celebration in the end zone after a touchdown. I do not have a problem with either one of the actions on the field, as neither one affected the outcome of the game.

However, since Brent Celek has opened the door to a new kind of TD celebration, are we in for a flurry of new innovative dances, parties, etc? The answer is a resounding YES. The fact of the matter is, these are big kids out on the field, and money talks. The more entertaining they are to us, the more money they will ultimately make. And do you not think that every time Roger Gidell levies a fine that it is not fuel for the fire?

Grab your beer, your coke and your pretzel because you haven’t seen nothin yet!

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One Response to “When did the NFL REALLY become the “No Fun League”?”

  1. Chad had to know that the NFL was going to swing the hammer on his stunt (which, to be technical, wasn’t a touchdown celebration). He tried to give an official money, and he did refer to it in postgame interviews as a “bribe.” In the era of Tim Donaghy, anything that carries even the whiff of fixing the game is going to viewed in a dim light.
    As for Brent Celek’s “got a little captain in ya” pose, that just made him look lame. If he wanted to do an alcohol-related tribute, he could have raised his arm and shouted “TO AR-THURRRR!!!”


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