“I ain’t an athlete, lady, I’m a baseball player.” –John Kruk, Philadelphia Phillies

Ah, so here we are in October and the baseball playoffs are underway. It’s a time for the crisp Fall air, moving across the land, and a time for football to get underway, and hockey and the NBA too. For sports fans, it’s the best time of the year. There is something on T.V. at all hours of the day.

But, with October, also brings the uncertainty of the weather, and yes, it has reared its ugly head already during the 2009 October classics. One game has already been postponed due to cold weather, and we are hearing from the “athletes” that the weather is becoming a factor.

So the question always comes each about this time of the year, if baseball players are athletes? And as I will admittedly confess, I do not think so. But then again, I also do not believe that the NBA stars, which often times are viewed as the best athletes in the world, are either.

Why is this question so important to answer? Just like, is Michael Jordan better then Wayne Gretzky?

Either way, these people have done amazing things for their respective sport. But the question that often times triggers even more argumentative battles between middle aged, half buzzed men in bars, are baseball players and their athleticism.

John Kruk, was one of the most loved baseball players of all time in Philadelphia and around the league. Whether it was his scruffy beard, or the everyman beer belly hanging over his belt, somehow, people related to him and what he was trying to do…which was hit a round ball with a round bat, a skill that only a few hundred people have in this world.

However, when asked after his 1993 world series by a reporter about his athleticism he responded, “I ain’t an athlete, lady, I’m a baseball player.”

How much of that is true? How much of that does John Kruk believe, and how much athleticism does it take to hit the round ball with a round bat?

These questions will not be answered here, but they should create some interesting topics in your next discussion in your favorite pub.

Next time you hang out with your buddies or even family watching the October classic, ask the question and see where you end the conversation. You have been warned that this will not be an easy discussion and may take you into extra innings, even after the game is over.

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One Response to ““I ain’t an athlete, lady, I’m a baseball player.” –John Kruk, Philadelphia Phillies”

  1. Some baseball players will never be confused with athletes. (Those of us old enough to remember Charlie Hough’s gut know that.) But there are plenty of athletes in baseball who could hold their own in other sports. Two words: Torii Hunter.

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