The next time a child catches a home-run ball, let the kid keep it.

wow…does Philly really need another sore spot in their history of fans/interactions?  However, this time, it is a sore spot regarding the players.  After Ryan Howards 200th HR, a little girl, who caught the ball, was asked to give it back, after security confiscated it from her…

Wow, when did it become so important to a player to actually have the ball?  seriously, I have never heard of any player complaining about not getting the original ball back, and for security to do something like this, is actually very childish and disrespectful. I am a Phillies fan, born and raised, but I have seen more and more actions like this, that have taken me away from what is important which was the accomplishment, and is now tarnished with yet another black eye.  Sorry Ryan (Howard), you should have given the original ball to the fan, but now you have ruined a little piece of her heart as well as many others just like her.  Hope you get to keep that ball in a safe where you will look at it twice in the next 50 years, but that would have made that little girl the happiest for quite a long time!

Here is the full article.


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