Brett Favre v. Aaron Rodgers

So who’s better?  I might ask you a different question.  Who would you rather have on your team over the course of the next 12 weeks in the grueling NFL?  If this question doesn’t make you think a little more about your decision, you don’t fully understand football.

The reason I ask is that for many, that are still riding the wave of “Brett Favre is god”, are ecstatic today over what took place last night. He played outstanding, managed the ball well, escaped the pocket on a few occasions and zipped the ball into tight spots more than a few times last night.

With that said, Aaron Rodgers looked very poised, also played very well,, threw for almost 400 yards, while getting knocked down 12 times and sacked 8.

Given the situation, when we talk about better athletes, the age old question always comes down to championships.  But, quite the contrary here, I truly feel that Rodgers is, today, a better QB given the fact that he is only in his 20th game, and looks like a seasoned veteran.  His offensive line is terrible and the receivers are not where they need to be so far this season. I think that time will tell just how good Rodgers will be…will he ever be better than the great Brett over his career? I don’t think so.  Is he better than Brett right now? A resounding yes!


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3 Responses to “Brett Favre v. Aaron Rodgers”

  1. Would it be snarky if I said I’d rather have Adrian Peterson over either of them right now, or would that just be stating the obvious?

  2. lol…not at all, as I would rather have AP too!

  3. lol…not at all, as I too would take AP. however, that is part of the dilemma we are faced with in Fantasy, and some questions have been surfacing…

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