Fantasy Football

Do you study for fantasy football? I am curious, becuase for the many years that I have now been invovled in this activity, I can not tell you how much sleep i’ve lost over who to stat and when to bench a player. Also, I have seen more people win their respective super bowls, that knew nothing about football at all! I am curious how much time and effort people put into fantasy football…also, let me know if this is something that you claim to be good at, and if so, let me know our secrets.


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3 Responses to “Fantasy Football”

  1. Livin, I start studying for fantasy football when the draft is held in April, and I read several of the preseason mags every summer, usually varying among the titles. I don’t have any secrets (except for this: neither does anyone else). You just try to nail your draft, keep an eye on waivers, and hope for the best.


  2. Thanks pigskin…to take it a step further, are there sites that you follow or cross check against your thinking?

    Obviously, there are so many out there, but would love that one site that I can at least cross reference my own gut checks or if I am on the fence.

    thanks again!

  3. Here’s the thing…each expert is as likely as the next one to nail that week’s picks, no matter what their title may suggest. I tend to look at a variety of sites to see if there is consensus (or if one site has information that another one doesn’t). And I’ll be posting something on my site tomorrow (Wednesday) to show that a site can even disagree with itself.

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